Lindamichellebaron's World of Rhythm and Rhyme

Artwork by students of Lower Gwynedd Elementary School,
inspired by a visit from Dr. Lindamichellebaron.
The poem is "Little Herman" from THE SUN IS ON by Lindamichellebaron.

One of LindamichellebaronÕs most popular books is THE SUN IS ON, and her personal image is a beaming sun. Would you like to send Linda a new sun for her collection?

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Send Dr. Lindamichellebaron your poem, drawing or painting of the sun and it may be added to her site. Scan your entries and them. Or mail your artwork or poems to the webmaster at:

Cheryl Hanna | Images & Illuminations
172 Fifth Avenue #189 | Brooklyn, NY 11217

Be sure to mark the envelope: FOR THE SUN PAGE. No art larger than 8 1/2 x 11, please. All entries become property of Harlin Jacque Publications. Sorry, no entries will be returned.

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