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Dear Friends and Readers

Welcome to 2016. I am in my thirteenth year as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at York College (CUNY), and I am now on sabbatical, after having chaired the department. In addition to having led the department for four years, when I return in August 2016 I should be an Associate Professor and teach Educational Psychology, Literacy in the Content Area, Literacy and the Arts; and Classroom Management and Assessment. I plan to continue to supervise student teachers.

If you are considering a career as a teacher, or looking to enhance your professional development, please follow the advice of the poem I wrote in 2005, "York College On the Move!" and "expand your knowledge at CUNY’s York College."

Can’t classify us, can’t deny us,
Can’t stop us, and can’t top us
We are the American Dream
Expanding the theme
We reach beyond diverse
And encompass the universe.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of knowledge
Achieving and believing at CUNY’s York College

I am presenting a series of provocative new essays that were initially written for a Long Island newspaper. These essays are focused on embracing life, youth and women’s issues, and explore a wide variety of educational concerns. They will be published as a collection— Holding My Own—in January 2016. I also look forward to sharing some new essays with you this year by way of my Facebook Fan Page, website and newsletter.

Another theme for us at Harlin Jacque in 2016 will be Mind, Body and Soul: A Year of Health. I’m currently writing a new essay entitled, ”If You Like It Then You Shoulda: A Critical Health Discourse.” Other activities include a presentation in February with a similar title for adolescent girls of African descent.

We are also excited about collaborating with The Eastern Area of The Links, Inc. to provide a variety of opportunities for young writers in the Young Master Writers.

I am proud to announce that my Nassau County colleagues and I have aligned with the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE). I have been selected to be the president. We are called the Nassau County, New York Alliance of Black School Educators (NCNYABSE). Please join us! Look for updates on what we will be doing in the coming school year

Please join our mailing list or like us on my Facebook Fan Page.

Visit our online bookstore where you’ll find favorites old and new. You'll see that we have a delightful read-along CD as a companion to my Anthony Ant and Grady Grasshopper picture book. We are thrilled that Wally Amos, yes, that Wally Amos, the famous "cookie man," is the voice of Grady Grasshopper. Keep connected with us. We will not disappoint!

Love and realness,

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