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A List of Dr. Lindamichellebaron's Published Poems
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    The Sun Is On  
    Rhythm & Dues  

For the Love of Life



Trying to locate a poem? Find the book where each poem is published on the list below. Poems are listed alphabetically by title. Many poems are excerpted on the site. Click on linked poems to read them online.

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  1. All That Makes Me So Unique The Sun Is On  
  2. And Be Glad The Sun Is On  
  3. …And Free Rhythm & Dues  
  4. As One — A Nuptial Prayer For the Love of Life  
  5. Benign Neglect Rhythm & Dues  
  6. Better Not “Badder” The Sun Is On  
  7. Blackness Is Click on African mask The Sun Is On  
  8. Blue Rendezvous Rhythm & Dues  
  9. Brazen Belly For the Love of Life  
  10. Brownish-Sandy Cotton Candy Click on hair The Sun Is On  
  11. Confession Rhythm & Dues  
  12. Daddy’s Little Girl The Sun Is On  
  13. Don’t Owe a Dime Rhythm & Dues  
  14. Dream Love Poem Click on ice cream bar Rhythm & Dues  
  15. Even Weeds Have Needs The Sun Is On  
  16. Fill’er Up Rhythm & Dues  
  17. A Flower Click on right sunflower The Sun Is On  
  18. For You 1 Rhythm & Dues  
  19. For You 2 Rhythm & Dues  
  20. Four Women and Their Men For the Love of Life  
  21. Fragile — Handle with Care Click on cheek For the Love of Life  
  22. From the Giddy-Up Rhythm & Dues  
  23. Ghetto-ites The Sun Is On  
  24. Go Away The Sun Is On  
  25. The Good-bye of a Sensitive Man For the Love of Life  
  26. Growing Equation The Sun Is On  
  27. Growing Like a Weed Click on left sunflower The Sun Is On  
  28. Hair Prayer The Sun Is On  
  29. Hair Tears The Sun Is On  
  30. Halloween Madness The Sun Is On  
  31. Holding My Own For the Love of Life  
  32. Homesick The Sun Is On  
  33. Hugs and Kisses The Sun Is On  
  34. I Can’t Crack the Code For the Love of Life  
  35. I Thought You Knew Rhythm & Dues  
  36. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel Rhythm & Dues  
  37. Idea Sitting The Sun Is On  
  38. If I Were Music Click on sheet music/disks The Sun Is On  
  39. If the Shoe Fits (A Metaphor for Our Times) For the Love of Life  
  40. Ignorance Rhythm & Dues  
  41. I’ll Try The Sun Is On  
  42. I’m the Man For the Love of Life  
  43. In Other Words The Sun Is On  
  44. It Hurts The Sun Is On  
  45. It’s the Drum – Ashé For the Love of Life  
  46. Jump for the Sun Click on sun Also here For the Love of Life  
  47. Jumping Double Dutch Click on jump rope The Sun Is On  
  48. Just Push The Sun Is On  
  49. Life, Literacy, and … For the Love of Life  
  50. Little Herman Click on smiling sun The Sun Is On  
  51. The Lonely Shoe The Sun Is On  
  52. The Love Maker The Sun Is On  
  53. Love Me Some You Rhythm & Dues  
  54. Much, Much More The Sun Is On  
  55. My Pleasure For the Love of Life  
  56. A Natural Fit The Sun Is On  
  57. No Joke For the Love of Life  
  58. No Names? Rhythm & Dues  
  59. On A Limb The Sun Is On  
  60. A Path to Math The Sun Is On  
  61. Peek-a-Boo Rhythm & Dues  
  62. Poem About a Teacher For the Love of Life  
  63. Poetry Is Me Click on Rhythm & Dues The Sun Is On  
  64. Power Child For the Love of Life  
  65. Praying The Sun Is On  
  66. Quick, Fast and Inahurry For the Love of Life  
  67. The Rap Rhythm & Dues  
  68. Raunchy Thought Rhythm & Dues  
  69. Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Mind For the Love of Life  
  70. The Real Deal For the Love of Life  
  71. Real True Haiku The Sun Is On  
  72. Refuse the Blues Rhythm & Dues  
  73. Righteous Rap 1 Rhythm & Dues  
  74. Righteous Rap 2 Rhythm & Dues  
  75. A Shout Out About a Way Out – HIV For the Love of Life  
  76. So What If It Doesn't Last? For the Love of Life  
  77. Some People Think… Click on smile Rhythm & Dues  
  78. Spelling Blues Click on Scrabble tiles The Sun Is On  
  79. Stranded…Marooned The Sun Is On  
  80. The Study For the Love of Life  
  81. Sweet Stuff Click on M&Ms Rhythm & Dues  
  82. Take Care of Business (TCB) For the Love of Life  
  83. That’s When I’ll Skate Rhythm & Dues  
  84. Tried Me a River For the Love of Life  
  85. The Way to Start the Day Click on notebook The Sun Is On  
  86. We Don’t Own a Boat Rhythm & Dues  
  87. Well Done (Part I) The Sun Is On  
  88. Well Done (Part II) The Sun Is On  
  89. When I Do My Thing Rhythm & Dues  
  90. When I Grow Up The Sun Is On  
  91. Without Respect (Tribute to Dinah Washington) Rhythm & Dues  
  92. A World to Read Click on book The Sun Is On  
  93. Xerox Rhythm & Dues  
  94. Yeah, Child…I Have the Blues Rhythm & Dues  
  95. Yes, I'm Talking to You For the Love of Life  
  96. You Are Just Too Much For the Love of Life  
  97. You Must Be a Conservationist For the Love of Life  
  98. You Talking to Me? Click on basketball For the Love of Life  
  99. Your Deal For the Love of Life